About us

It is all about one and unambiguous philosophy: Waste prevention. 

A couple of years ago we assembled a team of designers and innovators to bring to the world a technology called MIWA. A solution designed to help prevent and eliminate generating the waste. 


As we continue the journey of MIWA, we have learned so much, and we have been through a massive amount of inspiring conversations. By starting Minimum Waste, we want to share our learnings which could help others to learn, too, and help inspire more changes and innovations in technology and design.

A junction for ideas, inspiration, and interaction


Opening Minimum Waste is for us another part of our journey, which we hope to enjoy together with you. Installations, round tables with experts, designers meetings and more will live in our place and will be shared with the community in the digital world. 


We want ideas to be heard loud and helped being developed. We want to inspire you and initiate thoughts to be born. To let you see and experience. We wish to trigger interaction and let you have a voice by yourself. Or maybe just have a small talk over coffee. It is all open.



72 million tons of plastic is created each year. Only 10 % is recycled.


Today it is established that recycling is the solution for less waste, but it is not true. Recycling surely helps, but it cannot cope with the growing problem. The real solution to the waste problem is prevention, or as we say PREcycling. 


What makes us most happy is that there are more and more people, who, just like us, strive for new solutions to allow precycling to be the new standard. For you, all of you, the Minimum Waste has a fully open door. Meet us or others and experience the inspiring atmosphere where we show and discuss solutions for a sustainable future.

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